speech therapy and language therapy


Speech and Language Therapy for babies to Toddlers

We work with Infants and babies  on  the early speech developmental skills and milestones to develop a strong foundation.  - Joint attention skills

-Early babbling 

- Cooing

-Early motor skills needed for eating


- Sound development

-Social interactive games

- Sound imitation

-Following directions

-Early language comprehension

-effectively verbally communicating wants and needs

-Oral Motor and feeding skills

Speech and Language Therapy Elementary and Middle School Children

-Speech Sounds Production-Articulation skills 

-Language comprehension skills

-Social Communication - Making friends, Being a part of a group, working with others

-Retelling stories or events. Describing your day to family members.

-Following directions

-Understanding early figurative language, multiple meaning words, metaphors

-Non literal Language

-Processing information that increases in length and  complex

-Oral motor coordination  and strength

-Expressive Language Skills

-Fluency/ Stuttering

-Feeding and Eating a variety of textures and foods

-Understanding main ideas versus details

-Understanding sounds to letter recognition

-Reading and Writing Comprehension

-Apraxia of Speech 

Language Therapy High School Teens

-Figurative and non literal language

- Language Processing Skills

-Social Communication, learning about phone conversation skills and understanding text conversations 

-Executive Functioning Skills

-Time management strategies 

-Receptive Language Skills


-Expressive Language Skills

-Reading and Writing Therapy

List of Speech and Language Services

Expressive Language Therapy

Receptive Language Therapy

Articulation Therapy

Apraxia of Speech Therapy

Tongue Thrust Therapy

Oral Motor intervention and Therapy

Fluency/ Stuttering 

Autism/developmental disorders

Phonemic Awareness

Reading Intervention

Writing Intervention

Oral motor therapy

Feeding and sensory to food therapy

Social Communication

Narrative Language therapy

Langauge Processing 

Short term and long term memory 

Auditory Processing Disorder

Executive Functioning Skills