Handwriting Therapy

Does Your Child Have Difficulty With:

  • Forming horizontal, vertical lines, circles and squares? 
  • Forming their upper and lower case letters?
  • can't read what they have written?
  • Handwriting always appears messy?
  • Holding their crayon, pencil, or pen correctly?
  • Having difficulty staying on the page they are writing? 
  • Writes from left to right? 
  • Gets tired when writing for a long time? 
  • Frustrated when writing ?
  • Hand tires quickly
  • Complains that they do not enjoy writing?

Therapy focuses on:

  • Using an age appropriate grasp on the writing utensil. 
  • Developing proper posture in the chair. 
  • Developing proper letter formation and sizing 
  • Meeting developmental milestones for writing 
  • Sets up  your child for successful handwriting
  • Making writing fun 
  • improving hand fatigue due to decreased hand strength