Evaluation at Nashville Pediatric Specialists in Franklin


What to expect during an evaluation

We want to get to know your child, and you! At Nashville Pediatric Specialists in Franklin we will schedule your child's evaluation and collect insurance or payment information for any pre-approvals required prior to therapy.

Please fill out the intake forms found below before arriving. During the initial evaluation the therapist will meet with the child and parent(s)/caregiver(s) as a group in order to gather complete information about hopes, goals, strengths, and areas of concern. This is the time where we really try to  get a thorough picture of who your special child is, and what we could do to help support them and your family as a whole!

We take a variety of insurances and we are happy to check with your insurance and explain all the services we can provide.  

Therapy Evaluation

General Intake Form (docx)


NPS HIPAA Privacy Acknowledgement (pdf)


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Questions and Answers


I'm not sure if my child needs an evaluation by a speech pathologist. How do I know?

Great question! Here are some reflective questions that may indicate a need for an evaluation at Nashville Pediatric Specialists in Franklin if they seem to be struggling in these areas :

Speech Therapy...

Does my child have difficulty expressing basic wants/needs?

Does my child only point or gesture instead of using words?

Does my child forget what they just read?

Do they get frustrated with word problems?

Do they shut down easily when doing school work?

Do they have a hard time making friends?

Do they have frustration writing stories?

Do they forget crucial information frequently?

Do they often not understand homework assignments?

Reading Intervention ...

Does my child read the same passage over and over and not understand what they have read?

Does my child get frustrated with reading?

Does my child avoid reading?

Can my child tell me what they just read?

Does my child say "I don't know" a lot when I sak them about a story they read?

Writing Intervention...

Does my child have writers block all the time?

Does my child have difficulty organizing their thoughts on to paper?

Does my child get frustrated when having to write papers?

Does my child avoid writing?

How often will my child attend?

This is determined upon evaluation and varies from child to child. Average frequencies are 1-2 times per week and may increase or decrease as time progresses depending on need.

May I sit in on therapy sessions?

You are always welcome and 'allowed' to be physically present in the room during sessions. However, oftentimes we encourage independent sessions because the therapist is able to better connect with the child and work more efficiently with minimal distractions such as other people or objects in the room. It can oftentimes be easier to control the environment with limited people/things around the child. However, it is always the caregivers' right to join and we welcome you and appreciate caregivers who want to participate!

Will I learn about any ways that I can help my child at home?

It is not uncommon for a therapist to ask parents/caregivers to use supportive techniques at home. After all, you are their main support system and see them the most! Part of our job is to educate family on how to help their child live their best life, and we are happy to help provide tips and techniques to use at home as needed!