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Pediatric and Infant Therapy in Franklin, TN

Nashville Pediatric Specialists in Franklin, TN offers speech therapy, Occupational  therapy,  Feeding therapy to children from birth (infants) to teenage years. We also provide reading and writing intervention for children and teens from elementary school through high school.

Our Speech Pathology department works with verbal and non verbal children to improve expressive language, receptive language, reading skills, writing skills, social communication, oral motor impairments or delays, sensory issues affecting eating, articulation, auditory processing, language processing, Apraxia of Speech, behavioral difficulties caused by underlying language impairments, stuttering, and cognitive language impairments. We offer various communication modalities, including AAC devices, PECS boards, and low-tech communication devices. 

Our Occupational Therapy department works with all children to improve their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, emotional regulation, visual motor skills, feeding skills, and handwriting skills. Also providing classes for parents who are interested in the tummy time method to improve coordination, strengthen, flexibility, and create a community. 

We use the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding also know as the  SOS Feeding Approach.  This multi-sensory  feeding approach  helps children who are struggling to eat a variety of foods, textures, and are considered "picky eaters" or "problem feeders." Working with infants who have difficulty with bottles or breast feeding, working with babies for introduction to first foods, toddlers for textures, sensory aversions, or difficulty chewing and swallowing, and older children who eat a limited variety of foods with food aversions.  We help take the struggle out of eating for  infants, babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers and make meal times a fun family event. 

We work with infants to help improve their feeding skills, latching skills, and reaching their developmental milestones such as rolling over, head turning, crawling, and siting upright. 

Our reading intervention is structured to improve comprehension skills and ability to retell stories for early readers.  Our older readers improve their ability to recall details, understand the main ideas, improve comprehension skills,  visualize information, and retell or paraphrase stories. 

Our writing intervention for children and teens improves their ability to write narratives, structure essays and stories, and teach strategies to create topics and main ideas. 

We hope to be able to work with you and your child to attain your goals!

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